François et Sylvana

François and Sylvana

As it should, the workshop of Evaux-et-Ménil is located in basin-historical Art Nouveau large Lorraine earthenware.The workshop of Evaux-et-Ménil is located 6 km from Charmes in the Vosges in a charming quaint little village (Expressway Épinal-Nancy, exit Vincey/Rambervillers).
Plan of access

By phone: 03 29 67 47 04

To answer all your questions and for more simplicity and efficiency, I invite you to contact me directly by phone.
Each of the pieces I deal with is a unique work, and for this reason I do not have a catalog.

By email

If you are too far away to go to the workshop, and you still burn to ask me your questions or share your suggestions, do not hesitate to fill out the form below (don't forget to indicate your e-mail address so that I can answer you quickly).

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